APMCI maintains open lines of communication between the owners/boards/residents and APMCI via face-to-face contact, e-mail, website contact and information forms, a 24-hour contact centre, and surveys. The Housing Provider will have a dedicated staff member from APMCI who will address any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.


High maintenance standards and practices are fundamental to the success of any Housing Provider. APMCI requires a high standard of appearance because we know that residents who take pride in their community will help ensure that their homes and community look great too. We will ensure that every Housing Provider’s property is well maintained both internally and externally by believing in a philosophy of preventive maintenance in all areas of building operations.

It’s through planned and timely maintenance of structural and mechanical building components that extend the useful life and reduce costly breakdowns. Every building is periodically inspected based on an annual maintenance schedule and reports are provided on any problem areas. All staff are trained to ensure that all systems and building areas are properly prepared and operating as required for the appropriate season.

In addition to regular maintenance, APMCI will develop a capital planning strategy which, if necessary, may include a Building Condition Assessment (BCA) and Reserve Fund Study (RFS). There are also inspections that should be performed from time to time, by engineers or contractors and not the Property Manager. These inspections are invaluable in ensuring that the mechanical, electrical and structural components operate at optimum efficiency and to the full extent of their useful life. Inspections should be carried out of all mechanical and electrical equipment to ensure that the pumps, motors, boilers, fans and electrical systems are maintained at manufacturers’ suggested levels.


Great governance is not accidental. APMCI will assist Housing Providers in following the current government funding model and benchmarks, streamlining processes, advising on By-law and policy changes and restructuring opportunities that can lead to improved financial and organizational performance. APMCI will review and implement a new governance model, if necessary, to ensure legal and financial obligations are met, the risk is properly managed, and resources are protected. APMCI will educate and empower board members along with other established committees on how to recruit good leaders, run effective meetings, make sound decisions and plan for succession. Great governance will free up the time to focus on the bigger picture and ensure solutions to current challenges are implemented and future opportunities identified.


APMCI provides an enhanced service that focuses on the specific needs of the Housing Provider. We customize property management services to match the needs of the Housing Provider and complement their decision-making structure. A complete operational assessment and strategic review is done for each new Housing Provider that includes a long-term plan to address any area identified as a weakness or ongoing concern.


APMCI understands that many Housing Providers have their own employees. We also understand that many of these employees can use support in various management strategies and operational processes.

As such, property management consultants are quickly replacing the traditional property management service as decision makers seek specific services to meet their needs.

APMCI provides consulting services on a per diem or fixed price basis for both Housing Providers and Service Managers as an operational advisor or interim property manager. This specialized service is aimed to advise a Housing Provider on effective and efficient processes designed to protect all stakeholder interests, including but not limited to the following:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Annual Information Return Preparation & Reconciliation
  • Rent-Geared-to-Income Administration
  • Operational & Efficiency Reviews
  • Policy and Procedure Review and Development
  • Board and Staff Training
  • Board Mentoring
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Case Development for Capital Projects
  • Long Term Capital Planning
  • Reserve Fund Studies
  • Market Surveys
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Job Description Review
  • Employee Compensation Analysis

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